Design Requires a Designer

To answer the question, “Is God really real?” we can start with logic and common sense. No one in all of human history has ever witnessed life (let alone simple matter) spontaneously generate from nothing. It just does not happen.

When we see an automobile, an airliner or a computer, we know that they came about by the work of designers, a team of designers who worked on the foundation of decades of engineers and designers who came before them. After much trial and error, testing and refining a final product is brought to market. These products of combined engineering genius are then manufactured by people, men and women who are trained to assemble the car, plane, computer or what ever. No one using logic and common sense would ever believe that these complex machines just materialized out of nothing, not even if given an unlimited amount of time.

By the same token, when we observe the immense complexities of life on Earth, the only logical conclusion is that there must be a designer, a creator and we call that creator “God”. Just look at the human eye. It’s easy to take for granted but the fact that you are able to scan this text, that you can see colors, that the eye has auto exposure, auto focus and a dynamic range that is still not matched by modern technology, point to intelligent design. And that fact points to a Creator God. There is simply no other logical explanation.

Faith in Evolution?

You may be thinking, “Wait a minute, there’s the theory of evolution that explains how it happened.” The truth is that no matter how much “evidence” is presented to support the theory of evolution, no one has ever witness any of it happening. No one was there to see the Big Bang. No one was there to see the first lungfish crawl up on land to evolve into more complex life. To believe in evolution (or more accurately Darwinism) takes faith.

Faith and belief is, after all, a matter of choice. You can choose to believe that everything we see on Earth and in the known universe came into existence from nothing, by itself or you can choose to believe in an all powerful creator God who did marvelous work.

Evidence is all Around Us

The Bible says that the heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of his hands [Psalm 19:1]. The evidence of a creator God is all around us. In fact there is no excuse for not believing in God because creation itself is evidence of His existence [Romans 1:20 NIV].