Destination Heaven

Scriptures tell of those who have gone to and from Heaven, including Jesus [(John 1:32, John 6:38, Luke 16:19, Acts 1:10-11], angels [Matt 18:10, Matt 28:2, Rev 10:1] and in rare circumstances humans (prior to their deaths) [2 Kings 2:11, 2 Cor 12:2, Rev 11:12].

God’s Home Turf

God really dwells in Heaven [Deut. 26:15, 1 Kings 8:30, Matt 6:9] but he is not confined to that place [2 Chronicles 2:6].

Some Day and Now

Those who believe in God through Jesus have a special relationship to Heaven. Heaven is where they will go after physical death [John 14:2-3, 2 Cor 5:8]. However there is a connection to Heaven that believers can enjoy now, on the Earth. Christians are actually citizens of Heaven right now [Hebrews 11:16, Phil 3:20]. Believers also have access to Heaven right now [Eph 2:6, Heb 4:16, Matt 18:18].

Beyond Our Imagination

Living on this broken, cursed world, it is hard for us to imagine what Heaven is like [1 Cor 2:9] . The Apostle John was shown in a vision, Heaven coming to Earth in the form of what is called the heavenly Jerusalem. At that time Earth will get a serious makeover and become like Heaven. From the description of what John saw we get some idea of what Heaven is like.

  • There is not darkness, no night time and no need for a sun [Rev 21:10-11, Rev 21:23].
  • The beauty of the city (Heaven) could only be compared to precious metals and precious stones on Earth only more beautiful [Rev 21:19, Rev 21:20, Rev 21:21].
  • One of the greatest things about Heaven is what is not there. John talks about what will be missing from the new Earth which will be like Heaven [Rev 21:4].

Exclusive Membership Opened to All

Everyone should want to go to Heaven but not everyone will go there. Only those whose name can be found in a certain book [Rev 21:27]. This exclusive membership, however, is offered to everyone [Titus 2:11].  The only way to get your name in the membership book is through Jesus Christ [John 14:6, Acts 4:12].